đŸ”ĨBurn records

All tokens are burned and locked publicly.

Total Supply is the number of tokens or coins that currently exist. They may be in circulation or they may be blocked in some way. The formula for calculating total supply is simple: the sum of tokens that have already been mined (or released) minus the total number of tokens that have been burned or destroyed.

What is jetton burning?

Burning, in simple terms, means the removal of tokens from circulation, causing a reduction in total supply. In the process, tokens are usually transferred to the burn address. Burning is performed for two main reasons: to increase value or to keep the condition stable.

Deflationary mechanism (token burning)

  • 25% early withdrawal fees for early withdrawal of assets from staking;

  • 25% royalty on each sale of Raff Club NFT Pass on the secondary market;

  • 25% of revenue from sales of Web2 services NFT-Calendar, Raffle (paused);

  • 25% of commissions on each completed transaction on our DEX;

  • 25% of platform revenue from LaunchPad.

Burning history of $RAFF:

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