📊$RAFF Tokenomics

All features on our platform, whether it's swap, farming, stakes, launchpads or grow community, will interact with our main token - $RAFF, as well as the Raff Club NFT Pass.

Max Supply is the number of tokens that will ever be created, determined by algorithmically defined release schedules. Once the maximum supply is reached, no more of these tokens will be minted.

$RAFF has a unique issuance scheme:

Initial Supply: 20,000,000 tokens (20%).

Distribution Supply: 80,000,000 tokens (80%).

After the initial issuance of the 20,000,000 $RAFF that make up the initial supply, all required tokens from this volume will be locked on the blockchain for a period of one year. The remaining 80 million tokens of the max supply of 100 million tokens will not be released to the network at this time. At the end of the one-year lockup period, the DAO will organize a vote to determine whether additional tokens should be released. If the result of the vote is affirmative, an additional vote will follow to determine the rate at which additional $RAFF tokens will be distribution per second.

Any further changes to $RAFF token time allocation will only be made by DAO community vote. It is possible that the issue of immediately burning the remaining 80 million tokens will be brought forward.

What does initial supply consist of?

  • FairLaunch (jettons community sale): 6,000,000 jettons (30%)

  • DEXs listing (liquidity for DEX): 3,600,000 jettons (18%)

  • Incentives (stake, earn, boost liq): 4,900,000 jettons (24,5%)

  • Marketing (promo, airdrop): 2,800,000 jettons (14%)

  • Dev & Team: 2,700,000 jettons (13,5%)

What is circulating supply?

Circulating Supply are jettons that are publicly available and traded on the market. The number of tokens in circulation may increase or decrease over time. The formula for calculating: total supply minus locked fund (stakings, dev and others represented in tokenomics) and minus burned tokens.

All $RAFF locks can be checked out at the link: Ton Raffles Locks

The entire supply initial is planned to be mastered in 1 year of vesting.

$RAFF is a dynamic jetton. Its delivery is algorithmically driven and managed by the community through the DAO. This creates a transparent, predictable and manageable token delivery model.

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