🙌Simple staking

What is Simple Staking?

Simple Staking allows Ton Raffles users to enjoy the single-sided staking of popular tokens such as RAFF, jUSDT and stTON on the TON Network.

Diverging from traditional methods of staking in Farms and dual-asset liquidity pools, Simple Staking presents an opportunity to generate returns by staking just one kind of asset. This approach streamlines the staking process for our users.

With Simple Staking, a diverse range of prominent tokens are available for yield earning. We're continually enhancing this feature, providing you with an increasing array of choices from your preferred tokens.

Ton Raffles is committed to offering its users the best opportunities for cryptocurrency accumulation. Our Simple Staking option comes with several key benefits:

  • A stable Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • The ability to stake and earn TOP tokens

  • An exclusive feature available only to Ton Raffles users

  • No risk of impermanent loss

  • Rewards accumulating every second

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