đŸĒ™Jetton Launchpad

The Token Launchpad on Ton Raffles is a revolutionary solution that uses a specialized smart contract to provide maximum transparency, security and automation of the token sale process.

The smart contract, designed specifically for our Launchpad, provides the ability to set specific parameters for the sale. This includes the number of tokens offered for pre-sale, the percentage of the total number of tokens that will be locked for liquidity, the setting of minimum (soft cap) and maximum (hard cap) fees, and the functionality to lock assets for a certain period of time for administrators and users.

A key feature of the Ton Raffles Launchpad is the unique FairLaunch concept. This approach improves on traditional methods of token entry into the crypto market by allowing users to determine the starting price of a token. This leads to the creation of a real, fair and decentralized token price.

Affiliate Program

We have developed a one-level affiliate program. Under this program, you can earn up to 5% of the transactions made by users you refer to the platform.

At Ton Raffles Jetton Launchpad, we prioritize safety and equity for all participants.

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