Is Fair Launch a format invented by Ton Raffles?

No, the Fair Launch format was not invented by the Ton Raffles team. It is a widely used and successful approach in various blockchains long before being adopted by Ton Raffles.

What is Fair Launch?

Fair Launch is a token distribution strategy that ensures equal opportunities for all participants to acquire tokens at the launch. The goal is to minimize pre-sale allocations to insiders and promote a more equitable and decentralized distribution.

How does Fair Launch differ from a presale (IDO)?

The main difference between Fair Launch and a traditional Initial DEX Offering (IDO) lies in the distribution process. Fair Launch focuses on equality and transparency, allowing everyone equal chances to participate throughout the activity. In contrast, IDOs may have allocations reserved for early investors or insiders. Another important feature of Fair Launch is the same price during the sale and listing on DEX.

How are tokens distributed in a Fair Launch?

In Fair Launch, tokens are distributed based on the principle of «it doesn't matter how early you came, everyone gets tokens at the same rate according to the contribution made». There are no pre-allocated tokens for insiders, and no «first come - buy cheaper» mechanics, ensuring equal conditions for all participants. However, be aware of the Hard Cap, as you might not make it in time!

Are the presales on Ton Raffles reliable for investment?

Presales listed on Ton Raffles should not be seen as investment recommendations. Anyone can launch a Fair Launch on the Ton Raffles platform. It's essential to conduct your own research (DYOR) before investing.

Can I participate in a Fair Launch by sending TON to the presale address?

Yes, by sending TON to the presale address, you can participate in the Fair Launch. Make sure you send TON to the sale address because if you send TON to the token's address, you will lose them.

When will I receive the tokens I've purchased?

The distribution of tokens in a «Fair Launch» format occurs after the sale has concluded. Once the presale ends, visit the launchpad page and click the «Claim» button to collect your tokens.

Who can participate in a Fair Launch?

All adults whose wallets are connected to the Ton Raffles platform and who have sufficient TON to purchase the minimum required volume of tokens, including transaction fees, are eligible to participate in a Fair Launch, provided their participation does not violate the laws of their jurisdiction.

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