🧞‍♂️How to participate in a Fair Launch?

Below is a detailed guide on participating in a Fair Launch format:

  1. Select a token with the «Fair Launch» format: In the list of presales, find the Fair Launch presale you are interested in and click the «View» button. On the token card, you can also briefly acquaint yourself with the main information about the presale.

  1. Carefully review the information about the presale: Key information about the project creator, audit and verification details, token and presale addresses, and much more information that will help you decide whether or not to participate in the sale.

  1. Examine information about the referral program: If it is included in the presale. This section shows details about the percentage of referral rewards, the number of referrals brought to the sale, the amount of your rewards, and the total sale rewards.

  1. Study the project’s tokenomics: This is one of the most important points when making a decision; do not overlook it.

  1. Look at information about the project’s locked tokens: Often, honest and successful projects lock a large portion of tokens, with unlocking occurring periodically after the sale. We strongly advise paying close attention to projects without any lock periods.

  1. Note the information about the sale round: On the presale «calendar», you can see information about the stages of the presale. Just below, there is information about the current token price relative to TON, the number of participants in the current sale, and the type of launch.

  1. Participate in the sale: Enter the amount of TON you want to use to buy the project's tokens, press the «Buy» button, and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

Important: Now that you have participated in the sale, remember that the distribution of tokens in the «Fair Launch» format occurs after the sale has concluded.

  1. Claim your purchased tokens: After the presale ends, visit the launchpad page, click the «Claim» button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet to retrieve your previously purchased tokens. Or press «Claim Affiliate» to collect rewards for invited users if available.

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