The second token launch format is Presale

The Presale model includes a pre-determined token sale price, a listing price, a certain cap, and a preferred value of funds. This model makes the process more predictable and structured for all participants. Once the maximum amount has been raised, the sale automatically ends.

  • Presale rate: The exchange ratio of tokens against 1 TON for the initial sale.

  • Whitelist: If there is a whitelist of presale participants, this parameter can be activated for more flexibility in managing the sale process.

  • Soft cap and hard cap: These are the minimum and maximum amounts of funds to be collected. Soft cap should be at least 25% of the hard cap.

  • Refund types: You can select the method of refund in case the soft cap is not reached: either return the unsold tokens to the administrator or burn them.

  • Liquidity (%): This is the percentage of the collected funds that is allocated to provide liquidity to the trading pair in our liquidity pools. Minimum value is 51% and maximum value is 100%.

  • Listing rate: It is the starting price of a token when creating a liquidity pool. Usually this price is lower than the pre-sale price, which allows you to set a higher starting price.

  • Sale Start and End time: Here you can set the start and end date and time of the token sale.

  • Liquidity lockup (days): This is the pool's liquidity lockup period during which funds cannot be withdrawn. This can be any period such as 30 days or 1 year.

  • Vesting Contributor feature: An extra option that allows you to place limits on participants receiving purchased tokens during the initial period.

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