Asset freezing (jettons or LP tokens)

All users of the TON blockchain right now can use our functionality at:


How it works?

Set the lock settings:

  • recipient after the lock;

  • lock amount;

  • date and amount of the first unlock;

  • and set up cyclic vesting if required;

And deploy the Lock smart contract from Ton Raffles 👌

🔓 Audit

Open at link: https://github.com/Ton-Raffles/audit-raff-and-locker/blob/main/tonraffles-security-assessment.pdf

or file:

The fact that the Lock module is based on smart contract technology is an important advantage. This means that your assets remain secure within the blockchain and are available for review and use at any time, even without access to our website.

Audit by Continuation Team: https://t.me/cont_team

Launchpad integration

Lock on the Ton Raffles platform is not just a tool for locking tokens or LP tokens, but a powerful mechanism for automatically locking assets, activated immediately upon completion of sales on our Launchpad.

LP tokens created to provide liquidity are automatically blocked. This ensures the stability of the pool, protecting it from unexpected price volatility and providing protection for all market participants.

Lock for projects

The Lock module also takes care of locking project tokens intended for various purposes (development, marketing or airdrops).

This ensures that funds are used exactly on schedule and directly for their declared purposes, which increases transparency and builds community trust.

Lock the required number of destinations of your tokenomics with custom settings, then you can provide a public link to your community.

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