๐Ÿš€How to create a Fair Launch

To successfully conduct a fair launch of your token, the following conditions must be met

  • Liquidity: At least 51% of the collected funds should be directed towards liquidity.

  • Token Distribution: The more tokens allocated for fair launch, the fairer the process. Remaining tokens must be locked.

  • Revocation of token management rights: Essential to prevent additional token issuance.

  • Transfer of tokens to the smart contract: Tokens for fair launch and DEX listing must be transferred to a specialized smart contract.

  • Locking of provided liquidity: For no less than one year or transferred to a burn wallet.

  • Listing on platforms: After the sale ends, the token can be listed on DeDust or Stonfi.

  • Token ownership: At the beginning of the fair launch, all tokens must be owned by the fair launch smart contract, while remaining tokens are locked.

  • TON Distribution

  • During the fair launch, the project team will collect a certain amount of $TON. The distribution depends on the planned volume of liquidity (at least 51% of the collected $TON).

For example, if the collected amount is 1,000 $TON, 10% of this amount goes as a commission to Ton Raffles, leaving 90% of the funds.

For liquidity 51%, it means that from the remainder (100% - 10% Ton Raffles = 900 $TON), 51% for liquidity is taken, which amounts to 459 $TON.

The remaining 44.1% are provided to the project for development.

There's an option for a partner program up to 5%. If the project approves, users can generate invitation links to participate in the project's presale and earn a portion of the partner pool, into which a specified percentage of each purchase goes. In this case, these ยซup to 5%ยป will be additionally deducted from the 100% collected $TON, leaving 39.1% for project development.

Example of Tokenomics:

Total supply: 1,000 tokens

Allocation for fair launch โ€“ 40% or 400 tokens

Listing on DEX โ€“ 21.6% or 216 tokens (60% for liquidity)

Here, it's also necessary to follow the rule for adjusting Ton Raffles platform commissions. Thus, we first deduct 10% from the 40% of allocated tokens, getting 36% of tokens, and then take 60% for liquidity, resulting in 21.6% of tokens needed to maintain the token price during sale and listing with settings: 40% of tokens for sale, 60% of collected funds for liquidity.

Attention! The platform charges a commission only in TON, there are no token fees. This adjustment is needed to maintain the principles of fair launches.

Development โ€“ 16% or 160 tokens

Airdrop โ€“ 10% or 100 tokens

Team โ€“ 10% or 100 tokens

Other - 2.4% or 24 tokens

At this stage, automatic creation of fair launches is not possible, so you need to send as much information about the project as possible to our support bot: https://t.me/tonrafflesfeedback_bot

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