🔴NFT Launchpad

NFTs are born here!

NFT Launchpad by Ton Raffles is an innovative tool that allows collection creators to seamlessly mint NFTs at specified time, following defined rules. It is not just a platform for selling NFT collections, but a system that promotes fair and transparent sales, allowing for a variety of customization of sale rounds.

NFT Launchpad allows you to set special access parameters for sales. It can be access for specific collection holders, WL (list of allowed wallets) holders, holders of a specific token, and it is also possible to set up private and public sales.

A key benefit of each sale round is it's individual settings, which includes sale time (start and end date), NFT purchase limit (per wallet) and even the ability to set different prices in different sale rounds.

Our new module provides convenience, flexibility and simplicity in launching and holding sales of NFT collections within the TON blockchain ecosystem. We open new opportunities for collectors, investors and artists, accelerating the growth and development of NFT-community.

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