What is Fair Launch?

Fair Launch is a token distribution strategy aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for all participants. Unlike traditional presales, where a significant portion of tokens can be allocated to early investors, development teams, or special partners, Fair Launch is designed to reduce bias, providing everyone with equal chances to participate in the project from its inception until it is listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

A flexible setup system is provided to implement the FairLaunch model on the Ton Raffles Launchpad:

How Fair Launch works?

Based on the principle of equal access to the initial token offering for a wide audience without pre-allocating significant shares to insiders, the project team, or large investors, Fair Launch begins with the timely announcement of the start date and time for the presale to ensure information is available to all interested parties.

  • Registration and verification: Participants in Fair Launch must authenticate through a non-custodial wallet and undergo verification if required to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Transparent distribution: The conditions of the presale, including the total amount of available tokens, the share of tokens for liquidity, and the presale duration, are announced in advance and remain unchanged after the start.

  • Use of smart contracts: To ensure fairness and transparency, unique smart contracts are used that automatically execute the presale conditions without the possibility of developer or third-party interference.

  • Adherence to timelines: The presale is conducted within strictly defined timelines, allowing all interested parties to participate on equal terms during the specified period.

  • Price formation: The price at the presale stage is dynamic and fixed for all participants after its completion, ensuring the acquisition of tokens at a uniform price proportional to the invested funds.

  • Smooth transition to DEX: After the presale ends, the token listing on DEX occurs at the price established at the end of the presale, eliminating the gap between the presale price and the initial exchange price, while also maintaining the principles of fairness and equality.

  • Guaranteed liquidity: The minimally required level of liquidity, provided by a smart contract, ensures that at least 51% of the collected funds are directed to provide liquidity on the selected DEX, with subsequent locking for at least one year.

  • Force majeure: In case of unforeseen circumstances, participants can cancel their participation in the presale before its completion and fully refund their invested funds.

  • Soft and Hard Cap: The Soft Cap indicates the minimum fundraising goal, and if the collected amount is below the specified threshold, the tokens will still be distributed, and the listing will occur automatically. Upon reaching the Hard Cap, sales stop, and new participants cannot join.

  • Token security: Before launch, a technical check of the token settings is always conducted, including the revocation of management rights, which eliminates the possibility of issuing additional tokens. The Fair Launch smart contract owns all tokens intended for sale and liquidity, as well as Lock contracts if required, before it starts.

These measures are aimed at ensuring the openness and fairness of the token presale process, providing equal opportunities for all participants, and facilitating the formation of a decentralized and active community around the project from the beginning.

Benefits of Fair Launch

  • Equality and fairness: Creates conditions where each participant has equal chances of participation, thereby fostering a more decentralized and fair community.

  • Transparency: Accompanied by a high level of openness and transparency in the process, which strengthens community trust.

  • Decentralization: Promotes a wider distribution of tokens, which can lead to more decentralized project governance and ownership.

  • Growth community: Since participants feel they have equal chances and are valued, it fosters a stronger and more active community.

  • Rapid listing to DEX: Immediately after the fair launch concludes, all participants are on equal footing on the DEX, eliminating the possibility of speculative selling of acquired tokens.

When to use the Fair Launch model

Fair Launch is ideally suited for projects aiming to build a strong, decentralized community around their product or service from the beginning. This model is preferred for projects that value transparency, equality, and fairness in token distribution, as well as those looking to minimize the risks of centralized control and speculative influence by large investors at early stages. Projects focused on long-term development and active community engagement will also find significant advantages in Fair Launch.

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