👛Wallet Connecting

To begin using Ton Raffles and start building your project, you first need to connect a crypto wallet.

If you do not yet have a crypto wallet, use the information below to create your first one from the list of wallets available for connection.

Do not use custodial wallets for using Ton Raffles and other dApp products. (Examples of custodial wallets on TON: Telegram Wallet, xRocket)

Wallets Available on Ton Raffles:

TonKeeper Wallet - tonkeeper is your very personal wallet. Receive, buy and spend crypto with ease Install the wallet 👉https://tonkeeper.com/

TonHub Wallet - easiest and secure mobile wallet that allows you to send or receive Toncoin instantly. Keep your coins safe.

Install the wallet 👉https://tonhub.com/download

Unfortunately, at this time, other wallets are only suitable for storing assets and cannot handle complex transactions. We plan to restore support for all wallets after they are updated and adapted to our requirements.

If you have used Ton Space for our site, do not worry! You can easily continue to use our services. Simply go to the settings of your Ton Space wallet, find the recovery phrase, and use it to log in to Tonkeeper or Tonhub, selecting the option "Use existing wallet".

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